September 2017 Newsletter

Growing up witnessing abuse, separated from siblings in the foster system, & experiencing homelessness at a young age are factors our youth face daily. For Ashley, these factors are her real life. And she knows she wants something different–a new possibility for her future. That possibility is emerging for Ashley as she begins her journey with Jenny, her New Pathways for Youth mentor.

Jenny and Ashley are just one of the 35 youth and mentor matches made this summer in partnership with UMOM and Homeward Bound. Over 40 youth were referred to our program who had self-selected into the program. Through an intake process, the needs of the youth were assessed to match our program criteria. Mentors go through a similar process.

What does being matched mean? What does this new journey for Jenny and Ashley look like? How does transformation occur? It happens through relationship. Once matched our mentors and youth attend monthly life skill development workshops, college and career readiness workshops, and fun and interesting outings that reinforce the curriculum and life skills youth are learning. A year of commitment is made by both parties, yet we find that these relationships often go far beyond.

Matches form lifelong relationships; they expose each other to new experiences in life; and they transform each other’s lives more than ever imagined. Through the intentional relationship, our youth are exposed to opportunities that break the cycle of poverty, seal the school to prison pipeline, and close the opportunity gap. Our youth set goals with their mentors and begin to reach their full potential, forming a new path for their lives.

Ashley and Jenny have just begun this new path together. We look forward to traveling the journey with them through support and resources. We look forward to sharing their journey of transformation.

Every journey begins with a single step. With our fall program launch in just a couple of months, 35 new youth will be taking a step toward their transformational journey. Youth have enrolled in our teen intensive program and are choosing to make positive changes in their lives to achieve their goals. Our Transformative Mentoring Model begins with a three-day retreat for the youth and mentors and includes continued education thereafter through workshops where youth and their mentors learn skills that guide them towards making a positive and dynamic impact on their lives.

Youth entering their first day of this intensive program retreat are provided coaching on a focused curriculum that develops and enhances their social, personal, and educational skills. Youth and mentors work together to identify and work through the barriers that these youth face in their day to day lives. Youth get “comfortable being uncomfortable” as they begin to explore self-defeating thoughts and ways of being that get in the way of their goals. While their first day at the intensive retreat is long and filled with challenging activities, the youth and mentors begin to form bonds and a sense of community emerges.

The commitment of youth and mentors during this retreat is a key part of the Transformative Mentoring process and days two and three further that. The community of youth and mentors continue to cultivate skills that give youth the power to be “unstoppable” in the pursuit of their dreams and create personal goals for themselves. Mentors and youth experience new mindsets and practices that allow the youth to declare a new possibility for their future. The retreat concludes with a homecoming ceremony where the newly formed mentoring matches are introduced to the greater New Pathways for Youth community, including parents and caregivers. These intense three days challenge, unite, and inspire our youth and mentors as they embark on their transformative journey with New Pathways.

With just one step, the journey begins for these youth. What’s needed next? Caring adults who are committed to joining them on this journey! Ready to take your next step? Be one of the 35 mentors to guide these youth to new possibilities!

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Our Transformations Society is a group of inspiring and inspired individuals invested in the growth of our youth. Our Annual Reception honors this investment. Not a member yet? Join today by clicking below!

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Our youth’s lives cannot change without a mentor. We need 35 mentors by October 1st for our Fall Intensive!

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New Pathways for Youth has an incredible impact on the Arizona community. Through volunteers and mentorship programs, New Pathways for Youth is able to transform nearly 500 youth annually focusing on the development of core social, emotional, and academic skills. Fiesta Bowl Charities is proud to support just a small portion of this movement.

How have you gotten involved?

Fiesta Bowl Charities is proud to be a continued supporter of New Pathways for Youth. Anywhere from ticket donations to involvement during the national anthem of the Fiesta Bowl, our partnership continues to grow. For the 2017-18 season, Fiesta Bowl Charities is proud to announce a $10,000 donation to the New Pathways for Youth Garfield Expansion for the Transformative Mentoring Program.

Why is it important for you to invest in our community?

As a nonprofit organization, the Fiesta Bowl believes in the importance of community outreach and service. Through charitable giving, the organization strives to enhance Arizona nonprofit organizations that contribute to the success of the community through youth, sports and education. Through charitable giving, the organization will continue to enhance nonprofit organizations across the State of Arizona by contributing $2.5 million during the 2017-18 season alone.

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