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Community Initiatives

Career Building Workshop
Getting kids excited about construction when they’re young is the best way to counteract the construction industry’s growing labor shortage. DPR Arizona has been partnering with New Pathways for Youth for their annual Career Building Workshop.

All summer, DPR allies have been partnering with NPFY high school students to develop their resume, interview and presentation skills. These efforts culiminated in a single afternoon of mock interviews and presentations from the three candidates where they shared their passion for a future in construction. Two of the three candidates were awarded a $2,500 scholarship towards their future construction career.

Scholarship recipients from the 2016 Career Building Workshop attended our first ever NPFY summer internship. Gabe (pictured above) learned about what it takes to become a Superintendent during his rotation at the Banner University Medical Center Phoenix.

As part of their scholarship, Moses, a future BIM Engineer (left) and Ryan, a future Project Manager (right) will participate in a paid internship the summer of 2018. Both are currently sophomores in high school and will intern for two summers before attending college or entering the industry.

Marty Manning and iHeartMedia

Valley Views New Pathways for Youth

Our Partners at iHeartMedia have a heart for music, radio, television, and of course our youth. New Pathways for Youth is honored to have been featured on iHeartRadio in multiple on-air runs and a live stream on their website.

Marty Manning is not only a partner but a friend!! A friend whose generosity and passion shine through while talking with him about our home in the Garfield district and the problems that face our youth. Garfield is a district that he himself once called home, and is very near to his heart and ours!

You can hear the radio spots in which CEO Christy McClendon discuss New Pathways and what’s happening in our community on IHeartMedia with the lovely Marty Manning at this link: Click Here to Listen!!!

Front Door Media

Charity Pie Night
Friday May 26th marked the monthly Charity Pie Night at Practical Art, and last month we were the beneficiaries! We are so grateful for their support and the awareness they raised for New Pathways and our mission. Lisa and her team were warm, welcoming, and gracious at every turn of the evening. They are the epitome of a welcoming community and we are proud to call them a partner.

Practical Art is a locally owned shop specializing in locally handmade items. Their cozy and eclectic feel was perfect for multiple slices of warm pie from Vonceli’s Pie, and great conversation about our youth and their futures. If you are ever in the area go look in their shop! You won’t be disappointed!

Check out this article from front door media covering the event: Front Doors Connecting Arizona