In addition to volunteer mentors, New Pathways for Youth welcomes volunteers to help create a better future for our youth. New Pathways for Youth invites volunteers to serve in a variety of ways.

  • Committee Service
  • Administrative Support
  • After School Support
  • Group Projects

Contact Hannah Rakestraw, Volunteer Coordinator at (602) 422-9270 or fill out our application to become a volunteer!

See below for our current volunteer openings:

Gratitude Ambassador Position

We love appreciating our donors, mentors, and volunteers, and how better than from one of their own! Once per month make calls, write cards, and personalize the gratitude experience by thanking our donors and volunteer groups who support our program.

File Cleansing and Organizational Position

Nothing beats clean and organized file cabinets! A couple hours per week or based on your availability, help support New Pathways for Youth staff with the organization and cleansing of executive, grant, and program files.

Volunteer Application