August 2017 Newsletter

New Pathways for Youth’s Program Director, Richie Berg was exclusively invited to the annual Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring in Portland, Oregon this past month. The Institute brings together 25 mentoring agencies identified as thought leaders in the field with top researchers on the topic. At the intersection of research and practice, learning is applied and trends explored to reach the best outcomes for youth!

The Institute affirmed that the youth centric mentoring model implemented at New Pathways for Youth is a practice that consistently works. “Our practices of enrolling high-risk youth who self-select into the program, and then mobilizing a caring adult mentor in partnership with an experienced case manager to navigate the youth’s goals, show some of the greatest long-term results among those attending,” Richie stated. Multiple studies validated that intensive mentor training focused on keeping the youth’s goals at the heart of the match, and mentors taking the journey with youth to navigate hidden rules of society to build life skills along the way were most effective.

“By the end of the Institute, New Pathways found itself validated in our innovative approach of transformative mentoring through a youth centric model and with many emerging practice tips to reach even greater outcomes for our youth,” said Berg.

The Institute examined solutions surrounding the two of the greatest challenges facing mentoring programs nationally: mentor recruitment and fundraising. Costs for quality mentoring programs and the elements needed for success average $1,500 to $4,200. Programs like New Pathways, which serves higher risk youth, fall at the higher end of the cost spectrum. The return on investment is obvious when looking at the proven outcomes in preventing costlier criminal justice and behavioral health service. At New Pathways, that return is 1:30. It can also be seen that civic engagement, through the investment of time and resources, has the potential to transform a child’s life as well as entire communities.

New Pathways was honored to gather with other thought leaders in mentoring. We look forward to sharing our learnings and applying the practices for even greater results.

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The opportunity gap. That’s what we call the space between a more advantaged teen walking into a job interview and a youth that has never been exposed to business etiquette techniques to best reveal their skill sets.

New Pathways has developed an innovative approach to closing this gap through a workforce development initiative that will partner our youth and their mentors with industry allies to expose our kids to not just a career, but the interviewing, resume writing, and presentation skills necessary for success.

We know that education and employment are critical to breaking the cycle of poverty but research continuously suggests a third component is necessary – relationships. Relationships that expose us to the hidden rules between social classes, that expose us to opportunities that broaden our horizons, and relationships that build our social network from which we develop essential life skills.

New Pathways is building pipelines for a future workforce through a model that embraces education, employment, and relationships. Our strongest successes have come in the industry of construction over the last two years. Partnered with a strong ally in DPR Construction, we have built an eight-week model that can be applied to other industries and are seeking at least two other industries with which to expand. Contact Richie Berg to learn more about what it means to be a workforce ally, investing in our youth and building the future workforce.

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What inspired you to make an impact at New Pathways for Youth?

Since its inception in 1988, The Valley Kids Foundation has worked hard to identify and get involved with organizations that provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to children in the Valley who are facing a variety of challenges. New Pathways for Youth speaks directly to the mission of the Valley Kids Foundation by providing opportunities for youth to fulfill their potential through impactful mentorship – making our partnership a perfect match.

How have you gotten involved?

The Valley Kids Foundation has donated nearly $10,000 to New Pathways for Youth over the past two years through our beneficiary grants program. These funds have helped to support the Transformative Mentoring Program, a crucial cornerstone to their overall programming. We also have a past-active member who is currently a New Pathways for Youth mentor. Additionally, we coordinated a hands-on volunteer opportunity with New Pathways for Youth during the 2016 National Convention with Active 20-30 Members from all over the US.

Why is it important for you to invest in our community?

Children are the most important asset to any community. It is our responsibility, as adults, to guide them and help them in any way possible. By doing this, we give them a glimpse of their potential and inspire them to grow up making a difference in their own communities. We love having personal relationships with the people and organizations who are making a difference in the community, and New Pathways for Youth is no exception.

What advice do you have for those on the sidelines, wondering how or if they should get involved?

There is always a way to get involved, no matter your resources. Many times, people think they don’t have enough time to invest in an organization, or enough money to make a real difference- but every bit you CAN help makes a difference! Our foundation is funded by busy young professionals who are just starting their families, buying their first homes and going through all the major life changes faced by adults throughout their twenties and thirties. As long as you have the heart to give back and make a difference, you can find an opportunity that’s a fit for you.

Anyone can make an impact here at New Pathways. Our youth need the support of people like you!!! Every person has the potential to support our youth!

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