November 2017 Newsletter

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As Mentors, we all go through it. Periods of self-doubt, guilt, feelings of inadequacy...that we're simply not cut out for it. How we encounter challenges and face them head on, succeed and sometimes fail weighs heavily on our minds. But perseverance always pays off, and making sure mentors have the tools they need to do this and help their youth reach their full potential is our top priority.

The kids and young adults who participate in our Transformative Mentoring Program come from diverse backgrounds and the stresses that life can throw their way have the ability to knock even the most experienced mentors off balance.

That's why New Pathways has begun implementing a new set of coaching protocols to give added strength to the social, emotional, and academic support provided by our mentors. We could go on and on about what "the statistics" or "the experts" have to say about youth outcomes. But instead, hear the voice of one mentor who overcame her own adversities to help her mentee weather a difficult chapter in their life and increase trust in their mentoring relationship.

NPFY: Robin, you've shared with us your personal stories of triumph as Briana's mentor. Tell us about some of the struggles, what you and she had to overcome to solidify that relationship.

Robin Hilgart: I'm so glad to get this opportunity to share a different side of the mentor/mentee experience that most people don't get to see, because so many of us struggle in silence, thinking we have to be that stoic figure in their lives. But the truth is, and it was this way for myself and Briana and others I've spoken with, that when you let down your guard a little and make yourself open and vulnerable, that you can begin to break down some of those initial barriers to trust that come with the territory.

For the two of us, we struggled at the very beginning to be vulnerable and share deeply. Having gone through my mentor training sessions and working closely with New Pathways staff, even though I felt out of my comfort zone at times, I felt the support I needed and had the resources available to bridge that initial gap and forge ahead. It took us about four years for Briana to feel really comfortable enough to share with me what she was going through at home. Our focus was mostly on supporting her in her academics, which was a much safer conversation. Quickly, once we began to open up to one another, on a more vulnerable level, those early struggles became an asset—moments we could look back on, take inspiration from and learn to be better mentors and mentees.

NPFY: What would you say, looking back, was the moment you realized you were making a difference?

Robin: As I alluded to, there can be so much insecurity in the early going—both from the perspective of the mentor, as for the mentee. We all signed up to become mentors because we wanted to make a difference. And I think many of us are hit by reality the moment that match is made, that every mentor/mentee relationship is a journey that requires patience, endurance, and confidence that grows along with us.

For me, it was when Briana shared what she was dealing with that I knew I had made the right decision to become a mentor. To see her open up and reach out, was incredibly rewarding and an affirmation of the training, the workshops, all the getting-to-know-each-other. That’s the moment you realize being a mentor means being something so much greater than yourself.

If you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you have what it takes to become a mentor to one of the 150 inspiring youth on our waiting list.

Get in touch with our mentor recruiter, Haley, or come to one of our Mentor Introduction Sessions held Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm and on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month at 7:30am at our Community Center in Downtown Phoenix.

We're looking forward to supporting you and your mentee on your journey.

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Rocco has been part of the New Pathways family for nearly a decade. His yearly event, Rocco's Pin Pals, is a fun night out at the bowling lanes that gives kids the opportunity to have a great time while raising funds for transformative mentoring.

What inspired you to make an impact at New Pathways for Youth?

In 2008, I participated in a self-improvement course with Landmark Education. As part of that course, I took on a project working with Arizona Quest for Kids mentoring high-potential, low income youth. I identified closely with the personal stories of many of these kids—I come from a similar background where neither of my parents finished high school, and the expectations and support for my success were low.

But I had a few people around me who demonstrated to me the importance of mentorship and guidance in difficult situations. I knew I had something to offer these youth through mentorship and investment. Arizona Quest for Kids merged with the organization that eventually became New Pathways for Youth, and I’ve tried to up my impact year after year.

How have you gotten involved?

Once you meet these youth and get involved, you get bit by “the bug.” Their passion for life and determination to succeed is contagious, and you end up wanting to do everything you can to help them reach their full potential. I established Rocco’s Pin Pals as a way to provide mentors with a fun night out activity for their mentees. It quickly became bigger than that and turned into an effective fundraising event for New Pathways. Now that it’s taken on a life of its own, we feel the push to try and get creative and make it better every year.


Why is it important for you to invest in our community?

In my experience working with at-risk youth, every kid has a spark—a “lightbulb” that burns bright. At a certain point, if they’re put under the kinds of stress that many of our youth face—domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, food insecurity—you run the risk of having that lightbulb go out. And understandably, if you were living in that kind of environment for too long, it’s hard to see a future beyond it. So I’ve found it so important to invest early and often in these young lives, and provide as many opportunities for them as possible.

What advice do you have for those on the sidelines, wondering how or if they should get involved?

I come at this question from the standpoint of having seen the success of Rocco’s Pin Pals. New Pathways CEO, Christy McClendon, has pushed the bar so high and it’s remarkable what her team is capable of. In 9 years, we’ve raised more than $400,000 for New Pathways. I would encourage people with the means and the network, to help establish more events like ours. They’re a great way to make people think differently about their resources.

Most of all, I'd encourage people to get out there and become mentors. That's the best way to make a big impact in the lives of our youth.

Does Rocco's story tug on your heart strings like it does ours?

You can make the kind of impact that he does by getting in touch with us and getting involved. Become a member of the Transformations Society or just come in and volunteer!

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Help us fill our volunteer gap at any one of these upcoming activities and projects!

Parent Program Childcare

Transform a parent’s life! Volunteers offer childcare to allow parents of participating youth to attend workshops and develop the skills they need to effectively support their youth’s development.

Volunteers can play board games and sports, do crafts, or simply spend time with the school-aged youth. The time you give allows parents to develop essential skills! Volunteers must have a valid Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Number of Volunteers:

Date and Time:
Wednseday, November 22, 5:30–8pm

Volunteer Gardener

Give your green thumb to a good cause! We are seeking a seasoned gardener to plant seedlings for the fall. The volunteer gardener would oversee the garden and create activities for Afterschool Program youth to learn about plant life cycles and be a part of the harvest.

Number of Volunteers:

Date and Time:

Annual Adopt-a-Youth Drive

It’s time to get those holiday decorations out of storage—which means it’s Adopt-a-Youth season at New Pathways for Youth! We’ll match you up with the wish list of a youth or set of siblings in our programs who need your help to ensure they have the kind of happiness this holiday season that every child deserves.

Gifts range from $25–$35, must be new and wrapped with the name of each youth on the package. Gifts can be dropped off at our community center between now and Monday, December 11, 4:30pm to ensure timely delivery.

Date and Time:
Drop off by Monday, December 11, 4:30pm

Contact Mary Beth Gregory at to get a youth wish list!

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Mentors and mentee in front of the mural at New Pathways Community Center
Your intuition serves you right...2017 was an amazing and inspiring year at New Pathways for Youth! Experience the Annual Report and see for yourself what makes our youth and their mentors so special.
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New Pathways for Youth Upcoming Events - Join Us

Rehab Burger Therapy

Join us at Rehab Burger Therapy on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 from 5-8 pm for a give back night! 10% of all proceeds from the evening will be donated to New Pathways! Come out and have a great meal for a great cause!

Location: Orchid house at the Brickyard, 21 E 6th St. #146 Tempe, AZ 85281

Save the Date: NPFY Annual Breakfast

Spring 2018

If last year was any indication, our 2018 Annual Breakfast is sure to be one of the year's most inspiring events. Don't miss out on your opportunity to share in the success of our youth and their mentors and experience transformation, first-hand.

Ticket and table registration information coming soon!

Sponsorships available.

Save the Date: Dave Trout Charity Golf Tournament

April 2018

It's time to start working on those swings! Our annual Dave Trout Charity Golf Tournament will be here before you know it. Put your foursome together and we'll see you out on the links.

Registration information coming soon!

Sponsorships available.